Paleo life-expectancy

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«what was the life expectancy for hunter-gatherers? About 20?» Lucy Jones, a spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association (see)

That’s right: eating meat, eggs and fresh vegetables kills you even before you are a teenager. That is the reason why people in the Paleolithic era died so young. Infections, pneumonia, injuries or being eaten by a beast were probably rare. No doubt about that: meat kills you (specially if the meat is alive and has big teeth, I would add).


What I don’t understand is why paleo foods were mortal one million years ago, but not one hundred years ago, and according to this woman they are mortal again right now. People didn’t die one hundred years ago from cardiovascular disease and there were no obesity nor diabetes epidemics. At least not significantly. Isn’t that weird?

But Jones has more wisdom to share:

“The paleo diet trend is a dangerous fad. […] There isn’t any proof that it improves health, and its demand that you exclude food groups essential to health such as dairy, grains and legumes could leave people seriously deficient in essential vitamins and calcium, not to mention constipated from the lack of dietary fibre.»

Paleo is a dangerous fad? Dangerous? Any proof of that, ma’am, or are you just making it up?

Are you calling «Fad» a diet we, humans, have been eating for millions of years? I don’t think we understand the same thing by «fad».

Are really dairy, grains and legumes essential to health? They must be because she is a spokeman for the British Dietetic Association, and she says they are. But no, they aren’t. That is a plain lie. Moreover, I can’t see how a diet where you eat the most nutritious foods available can leave you deficient in anything. That is nonsense. May be she should think a little bit before speaking. Or may be she thinks paleo is some kind of vegetarian diet.

But she is right about one thing: constipation. Who isn’t concerned about constipation? If you are, you can consider avoiding grains and dietary fiber to help with that condition (see).

Just a final note about «fads»: when population around the world shifted to agriculture, just a few thousand years ago, their health consistently deteriorated (see):

«The impact of agriculture, accompanied by increasing population density and a rise in infectious disease, was observed to decrease stature in populations from across the entire globe and regardless of the temporal period during which agriculture was adopted, including Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, South America, and North America.»

Eating grains is a dangerous fad.

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