Gluten, aspartame and fibromyalgia

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Gluten and Fibromyalgia

Study in 20 patients suffering from fibromyalgia (FM). A gluten-free diet produced FM remission in 75% of the patients. Those who were being treated with opioids could stop that medication. In the remaining 25% of the patients, symptoms did not disappear completely, but there was also an improvement.

The reductions in pain were accompanied by improvements in other conditions such as asthenia and gastrointestinal and neurological symptoms. The researchers suggest that there may be a common underlying cause related to gluten.

7 patients accepted to reintroduce gluten in their diet, and FM relapsed. Reintroducing the gluten-free die led to clinical improvement. That result is pretty eloquent.

Although the study didn’t have a control group, the researchers believe that the placebo effect can hardly explain the improvements obtained. According to them, the placebo is usually modest and transient, therefore it is unlikely for it to be influencing the long-term results obtained in this study.

In Table 1 of the study we find a summary of the characteristics of the intervention (i.e. use of a gluten-free diet) for each one of the 20 patients. The last column, «Description of improvement» is quite impressive. But do not expect immediate results, because the researchers say the effects of a gluten free diet can take several months.

Unlike our authorities, our body does not believe that the toxin called gluten should be part of our diet.

Don’t think that if you don’t have fibromyalgia nor celiac disease you are safe: gluten is suspected of being the cause of dozens of autoimmune diseases (see and see).

Aspartame and fibromyalgia

It seems sensible to also eliminate aspartame from your diet, especially if you suffer from fibromyalgia (see), but not only in that case (see). Perhaps you are not aware of what «foods» contain this chemical, but drinking water and avoding diet sodas seems like a good starting point to reduce aspartame consumption.

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