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A hair removal technique using a caloric deficit

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  • I had an idea that will shake up the world of depilation, shaving, baldness, etc.
  • I’m listening
  • It’s based on a simple idea: for the hairs to grow there must be a net surplus of energy: we need to be ingesting more energy than we spend
  • I can agree with that
  • Therefore the growth of the hairs happens only when our caloric intake exceeds our energy expenditure

Hair growth = Calories IN minus Calories OUT

  • I see your point. Therefore if you eat less than what you spend, your hair will reduce its size and there will be no need to shave your beard, for example.
  • Exactly
  • Have you already tested the idea?
  • No, I haven’t. But it can’t fail. We are talking here about universal laws of physics. If you don’t produce a net energy intake, it is impossible for the hair to grow. These laws are always fulfilled.
  • Do you think it is possible to calculate the caloric intake and energy expenditure with enough accuracy?
  • May be not, but I think that isn’t problem. If you see your hair growing, that means you’ve eaten too much. Cut down your intake, do a little more exercise and that problem is solved.
  • It comes to my mind that perhaps things don’t work exactly like that. Perhaps our hair grows, or it doesn’t, for biological reasons, and the energy balance just reflects what is happening at a biological level. Perhaps it is nonsense trying to control your hair growth by changing the amount of food we eat or the exercise we do.
  • Bah, that’s nonsense. If there is a caloric excess, if you eat more than you spend, your hair will grow. That’s a fact. The mass used by your hair to grow can’t just come out of nowhere.
  • You must be right.

Why is it that from all the «growth» that happens in our body, body fat is the only one associated with calories and is the only one attributed to defects in a person’s character, as gluttony or laziness? Because we all know that overweight people are lazy, sloths, gluttonous and lack willpower. We know that just as we know that the jews are greedy and persons of color are dirty.

But the fact is that «eat less and move more» is as effective for weight loss as it is for hair removal. Just as stupid for one purpose as for the other.

Why do people keep talking in the nutrition field about energy balance and calories?

There are several reasons, not just one:

  1. Pure and simple stupidity on the part of the «experts»
  2. Huge economic interests from the food industry, which wants us to think that a low-calorie food is healthier than high-calorie food, and that is a good idea to eat everything in moderation. The tentacles of Big Food are very long and they reach all types of foundations or associations whose existence has no more reason to be than to receive money from the industry in return for spreading the messages that it considers appropriate.
  3. Unacceptable bias(see,see,see) towards overweight people, who are seen as lazy, weak, inactive, slow, self-indulgent and «have earned it by themselves», because «being fat is a personal decision» , the result of eating too much and moving too little.

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