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Lose the weight following the advice from the experts

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  • It’s very simple, if you move yourself faster than the carrot you’ll eventually catch it
  • I’ve been running for three days and all I got was soreness. I think the carrot is always at the same distance from me
  • You must be doing something wrong. The theory is pretty clear: we are talking here about physics’ laws that are always fulfilled. If you move faster than the carrot you can’t fail
  • I’ve never seen anybody get the carrot following this advice
  • That’s because they don’t stick to the method. They are not constant, they have no willpower
  • I’ve run as fast as I could
  • Running too fast is a common mistake. You have to compute your normal speed, and then run just a little faster, just a little bit so the carrot doesn’t notice you are trying to catch it
  • I’ve been told that removing the stick can be an effective way of catching the carrot
  • Those are just fad solutions, that will make you tired but they never let you get the carrot. Those solutions are not consistent with the laws of physics. There are no tricks to catch the carrot. The only solution that has been shown to be effective for getting the carrot is creating a speed difference: if your speed is greater than the speed of the carrot you always have success
  • I must be doing something wrong

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