Health «professionals»

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Imagine going to the doctor because you are sick and the doctor tells you that he knows exactly what treatment you need, but he will not give it to you because there are people in Africa who have no access to that treatment. Or you have a car accident, and the ambulance arrives at the scene of the accident following dirt tracks instead of highways, because the driver of the ambulance knows there are areas of the world where an ambulance can’t use highways, because there are none.

Stupid? Surreal? Yes, of course, and, if finally you don’t receive the medical attention you need (and that is within your reach), also criminal.

In the last days I have been reading the reflections of a health «professional» who says that he doesn’t even consider the possibility that grains could be unhealthy, because there are many populations in the world that need them to survive. Is this «professional» really fooling the patient in front of him about his best interest, because he is thinking of what certain populations of the world may or may not eat?

I don’t think people can be so stupid. They must have hidden motives to fool their patients in this way.

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