They lost 60 pounds in one year. And their health improved

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«Long term effects of ketogenic diet in obese subjects with high cholesterol level»

  • Scientific study published in 2006.
  • One year long trial.
  • 66 obese participants, 49 of whom completed the experiment.
  • One diet for them all, but participants’ results are given separately for those with high cholesterol and for those with normal cholesterol.

It is settled that hypocaloric diets DON’T work for long-term weight loss. As a general rule, six months after starting the caloric restriction the body weight starts to rise and all or almost all the lost weight is gained back during the following months (see). But the diet in this study doesn’t pay attention to calories: it is very low-carb diet (20-40g/day), without a calory restriction… can that make it succesful where other diets fail?

Let’s see the body weight evolution of the participants:


First interesting outcome: no signs of a rebound effect.

Second interesting outcome: they lost a mean of 27 Kg. That is 60 pounds lost in a year.

60 pounds lost in one year!

Nutrition «experts» must have a good reason not to recommend this diet. May be the cholesterol and triglycerides levels were a nightmare. This diet must be dangerous, for sure.

HDL («the good cholesterol») increased by an incredible 50%:

Triglycerides went down a 60%:

Blood Glucose levels got normal:


The subjects regained their health, no matter their starting cholesterol level.

Another interesting thing from this study is that they give us a list of recommended and restricted foods:


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