Dr. Oz and low-carb diets

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In the following video Dr. Oz talks with William Davis, author of «Wheat Belly» book:

Are you addicted to wheat?

NOTE: All the videos linked in this post have two or three parts. Just below the video window you can select the part you want to watch.


In the second part of the video Dr. Oz tells us the results of an experiment his team did, comparing the glucose levels after eating whole bread and after eating a candy bar. Three of the five subjects under study had a bigger glucose response with the bread than with the candy bar. One of them had twice as much glucose after eating bread than after eating the candy bar.


Dr. Oz has invited lately to his program several doctors whose theories contradict those he has been spreading all his life. Far from seeking to make fun of them, he seems genuinely interested in listening them and seems to be open to the possibility that their own ideas, after so many years defending them on tv, may be wrong.

More videos

In the first video Dr. Oz’s guest is Dr. Perlmutter, author of «Brain Grain», who explains his belief that carbs are not only causing the epidemics of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease, but also negatively affecting our brains.

do-carbs cause alzheimer?

In the second video the guest is Peter Attia, accusing carbs of being the ones that cause atherosclerosis:

Is the government out to undermine your health?

And finally the guest is Gary Taubes:

The man who thinks that everything Dr. Oz says is wrong

I do not like the simplifications made by Dr. Oz in this video, for example putting in Taubes’ mouth that all fats are good (that is not Taubes says) or that low-carb diets do not allow carbohydrates. Low-carb diets encourage the consumption of some healthy foods such as green vegetables, which provide carbohydrates. Low-carb diets are usually not zero-carb diets.

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