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45 out of 100 spanish children are overweight

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And all our public health institutions have a vision problem. According to them, the causes of children’s obesity are: they do not eat breakfast, they do not exercise, they don’t eat enough fruits or -hold on tight!-  they don’t eat enough grains nor whole grain bread!

Tom Naughton summarizes this way the behavior of The Anointed, according to the book The Vision of The Anointed, by Thomas Sowell:

  • The Anointed identify a problem in society
  • The Anointed propose a Grand Plan to fix the problem
  • Because they are so supremely confident in their ideas, The Anointed don’t bother with proof or evidence that the Grand Plan will actually work
  • If possible, The Anointed will impose the Grand Plan on other people (for their own good, of course)
  • The Anointed assume anyone who opposes the Grand Plan is either evil or stupid
  • If the Grand Plan fails, The Anointed will never, ever, ever admit the Grand Plan was wrong

According to The Anointed, when the Grand Plan fails, it can only mean that:

  • The plan was good, but people didn’t implement it correctly because they’re stupid.
  • The plan was undermined by people who are evil.
  • The plan didn’t go far enough … in other words, we need to do the same thing again, only bigger.

If their wheat-based diet causes obesity then they say that it wasn’t enough wheat! or that young people are stupid and they do not eat what they are told!  but it is never The Anointed’s fault nor their dietary guidelines’ (the ones imposed on our children in schools)

Or the Grand Plan fails because suddenly young people have become sedentary (i.e. lazy), and again the scientific evidence is not important for The Anointed:

  • Being overweight leads to a sedentary lifestyle, not the other way (study)
  • Being overweight leads to a sedentary lifestyle, not the other way (study)

But yes, it is true: sedentarism causes obesity. But rather than sedentarism it is full-paralysis. It is the paralysis of our public health institutions what causes obesity. They are completely unable to even consider that THEY have created a health problem, and when they speculate on the possible causes they have lots of imagination, but they never consider their own dietary guidelines as the cause. I’ll give them a subtle hint, so they thought they find it out:

Your dietary guidelines are the cause!

Please, find it out soon because in the meantime our children will continue eating in the schools food that is making them sick.

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