You don’t deserve to be obese

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«No one is forcing people to eat enough calories to become overweight. They’re the ones lifting the fork, and it’s their job to take responsibility of their behaviors and make positive changes to deal with their problems.

Being lean is not a right — it’s a privilege you earn by working for it.» (see)

«The real culprits in the obesity epidemic are lack of personal responsibility and its henchmen, gluttony and sloth.» (see)

You are to blame for your own obesity because you are a glutton and a sloth. On the contrary, they, lean people, are virtuous and responsible and exhibit a high degree of self-control.

But they also say Genetics is the culprit (see), Parents are the culprits (see), Not sleeping enough is the culprit (see), Fast food is the culprit (see), Increased portion size is the culprit (see), Watching too much television is the culprit (see), etc.

Are you really the culprit of your own obesity?

Bullshit! You are not to blame, because you have been fooled to eat unhealthy food.

 «What if blaming the obese means we’re blaming the victims? […] Personally, I can’t afford the luxury of arrogance anymore». Peter’s Attia TED Talk

And there may be some true on the rest of possible culprits, but they are essentially a smokescreen. They consider all the possible culprits, but the real one. By blaming them, the real culprit behind obesity can be ignored.

This is what causes obesity:

  • diet based on carbs and grains, a consequence of the «saturated fat is bad» lie.
  • The stupid Calories In Calories Out theory (and its corollary «You can eat whatever you want, as long as you burn those calories«)
  • Processed foods, filled with sugar, grains and unhealthy fats (trans fats and seed oils)

So, who is to blame?

  • Health authorities, the ones that told you that eating lots of grains and carbs, the fattening foods, is healthy. The ones that talk about the energy balance. The ones that say you are the culprit of your obesity because you eat too much and move too little.
  • Big Pharma. They are not only profiting from all those sick citizens, selling drugs for diabetes, hypertension and hypercolesterolemia: they pay associations and particulars so the problem is not solved and their drugs are recommended as the «solution».
  • Big Food. Most of them add sugar, HFCS, trans fats and seed oils to food. Others sell those grain-based products that made you fat. They advertise to children. They also pay to «health associations» so dietary recommendations didn’t change.
  • Big Agra. They changed wheat to make it more profitable. But this new wheat is also worse for your health. They are the inventors of the Food Pyramid. They tell you that eating grains and seed oils is healthy, but animal foods are dangerous. Those are the messages that made them sell their products and also made you fat.
  • Health associations. They are funded by Big Pharma, Big Food Business and Big Agra. They don’t bite the hand that feeds them. Their dietary recommendations are the ones that made you sick and obese.

You are not fat because you are a glutton and a sloth: you are fat because these people fooled you.

Please, read the following quote:

«Tobacco users are victims and to blame them is to create false pariahs.  They need support, help and care.  They need to do everything possible to quit.  However, accusing smokers makes treating their addiction hard and their unneeded guilt delays therapy.  It also distracts us from the overwhelming need to destroy the drug dealers who sell nicotine products.  For them there should be no quarter, no mercy, and no consideration.  For them there should be nothing but blame.» (see)

By blaming the individual, the real culprit behind the obesity epidemic is ignored. Talking about tenth-order terms (see), e.g. not enough sleep, also delays solving the problem.

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