Can I eat this way for the rest of my life?

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A couple of friends have recently asked me how could I eat this way for the rest of my life. The question surprised me.


What is the real question?

Which one of these is the real question?

  1. Can you eat food that is healthy for you for the rest of your life?
  2. Can you eat no pasta, no ice cream, no bread and no cookies for the rest of your life?

So, what is the priority here, sugar or health? Mine is health, so my answer is «yes, I can eat a diet that is healthy for me for the rest of my life«. Sugar is not my priority.

Some people can only see the speck in other’s eyes 

Low-fat diets are making people sick everywhere. They are not healthy. Just look around you and you’ll see what they make to people.

Low-fat hipocaloric diets are rarely useful for long-term weight loss. They are doomed to fail because of the rebound effect.

Have they got a mirror?

Why is it that people that don’t eat bacon, eggs, red meat, greek youghourt or butter think I can’t live without bread, pizza or pasta? Why is my «sacrifice» different from theirs?

But I do no sacrifice: I don’t eat carbs but I am healthy. It is a good deal, not a sacrifice. What do you get in exchange for your sacrifice?

Define sustainability

Some people think you shouldn’t follow a diet unless you can adhere to it in the long-term. A few of them say low-carb diets are not sustainable because you can’t eat a lot of «foods» that other people eat. They think sooner or later you will surrender to the sugar cravings.

May be they are right and low-carbing is not sustainable, but, is eating carbs sustainable for me? How can be sustainable eating in a way that makes me sick? If there is a diet sustainable for me that is low-carbing.

«I love eating carbs»

Yeah, so do I! I love ice cream, pizza and bread.

But there is a big but: I can’t eat them because a) I am an addict and b) I was sick when I ate them. I love eating carbs, but now I know what is best for me.

One day at a time

Talking about doing something for the rest of your life seems radical and difficult to achieve. It is a fallacy. My goal is not eating low-carb in the long-term: it is staying healthy today by eating low-carb today. I can do that.

«Eating low-carb is dangerous in the long-term»

I don’t believe that at all because there is no proof backing that idea up, but does someone propose an alternative healthy diet? Not even close.

«It is difficult to get all the nutrients you need without grains.«

I doubt that. I eat foods much more nutritious than grains.

Our ancestors were healthier (e.g. taller) before than after agriculture was adopted (see). And those grains were better for our health than current ones. It seems to me that problems come with grains, not without them.








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