Diabetes. This can’t be happening

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I am in the process of writing a post about diabetes and another one about cholesterol. To get you started I will write about the menu that is currently recommended for diabetics.


For people that can’t process carbs, the message is that they should eat mostly carbs. This is crazy. No food with lots of carbs is essential for humans, so this diet is a stupidity with victims.

Let’s see: skimmed dairy, that is more carbs than those naturally present. Long live the glucose!


And, of course, plenty of those foods that raise the blood glucose the most:






Marie biscuits (Marie Biscuits for a diabetic!), bread, wheat flour, rice, grains, this is so wrong!  Just think about those 100g of bread per day, what is the equivalent amount of sugar if we focus on the raise of the blood glucose? (bread glycemic index is 95, 68 for the table sugar…) What are the nutrients that you get from those high-glycemic foods that you can’t get from low-carb foods? None. None. None (see)

But wheat is not the only “food” that raises blood glucose, fruit also has glucose, so diabetics are told to eat lots of fruits, three pieces a day!





Fruit is so essential that Richard K. Bernstein, a type-I diabetic, hasn’t eaten fruit for more than 40 years, and that is because he learnt how to win the battle to his diabetes.

But hey, we all know that saturated fat “has negative effects because it raises your cholesterol and clogs your arteries, and that leads to the heart attack“. Isn’t that right?We all know it is so. And they are so sure about, that that they think it is better for a diabetic to eat mostly carbs than to eat fat.


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