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I can resist anything except for temptation

Talking about the low-carb diet a friend asked me if it was possible to cheat, eventually. I guess the answer to that question is very personal and I only know the answer for myself: if I do not eat carbs I do not feel the need to have them, so why crossing into the dark side, why risk everything? What happens if I am not strong enough to resist temptation? Eating the way I eat now I can stop eating when I’m satisfied, without any effort, but who can avoid eating all the ice cream? Who can leave french fries on a dish? And popcorn? Who stops eating a sandwich because he is not hungry any more?



Foods with carbs seem more addictive than the rest of foods, don’t they?

The addiction to sugar or wheat is not just a matter of lack of will but may be similar to addiction to alcohol or tobacco. It is so for Kris Gunnars, wheat expert William Davis or sugar expert Robert Lustig. If that were true, as with any other addiction, just a slip and the addiction is back.

As Kris Gunnars says, if you make the decision that you will never again eat certain things, probably you will avoid temptation and your head won’t have to find justifications. If you think you are able to eat certain foods in moderation, you’re lost.

I remember that a friend of mine once said, «one second in your mouth, a lifetime in your butt.» At that time I ate what I wanted and thought that was a slightly sickly exaggeration, but I have come to think similar things: those meals give you a second of happiness (not longer than that), but not eating them give you a body and a health that means happiness 24/7. The choice is simple.

My advice is to avoid having tempting products at home. If we want to eat something between meals and we only have healthy foods we will not fall into any temptation.

I can use fruits or sparkling water as a cheat or treat. In a special meal, a piece of fruit can do perfectly for celebration.

Plese note that I do not believe that obesity is a problem of overeating. A different thing is that because of eating the wrong foods (carbs) your body is not only fattening, but still asks for more food and you end up eating too much and getting fat. Here I make this point clear.

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