Straw men in scientific studies

This article compares two diets: «Effects of a Plant-Based High-Carbohydrate/High-Fiber Diet Versus High–Monounsaturated Fat/Low-Carbohydrate Diet on Postprandial Lipids in Type 2 Diabetic Patients«. The authors say «our results confirm that this kind of diet [high-carb/high-fiber] is to be preferred to a diet low in carbohydrate and rich in MUFA«.

Victory for the high-carb diet!

But, wait a second, was the low-carb diet really a low-carb diet?


Would you think that a diet where alcohol represents 45% of the total calories is a low-alcohol diet? If you do, you need help! Nobody can seriously call low-carb a diet where carbs represent 45% of the total calories.

The straw man fallacy consists in defeating a false opponent and creating the illusion that you have defeated the original one. This seems to be a recurrent technique used to discredit low-carb diets. May be it is because high-carb diets are so easy to defeat!

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