Force Up Force Down

(Versión en español: pinchar aquí)


  • (Citizen) Why do you think the man fell off the cliff?
  • (Policeman) Obviously the force upward was smaller than the force downward. Don’t you know about Newton’s laws of physics?
  • (Citizen) Yeah, of course. But I am asking about the real cause. I think saying than something falls is the same as saying that the resulting force goes downwards. What I am asking is why did the man fell. Was it an accident? Was he pushed off?
  • (Policeman) Are you deaf? It is a law of the universe: he fell because the force upward was smaller than the force downward. And he stopped falling when the forces upward and downward eventually got balanced.
  • (Citizen) Nothing to do with hitting the rock bottom, I guess.
  • (Policeman) It’s science, sir. It’s all about controlling your forces.

Bottom line 1: if you don’t want to fall off the cliff you should increase your force upward or decrease your force downward. Having a hot discussion on the top of the cliff with your worst enemy, who happens to be a serial killer, is irrelevant.

Bottom line 2: if someone tells you that you get fat because your Calories In are bigger than your Calories Out, smile, breathe deeply, and  run! (away from the cliff is encouraged)


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