Low-carb or statins?

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I remember commenting on a lunch with a few colleagues, an opinion of Dr. Briffa on cholesterol, saying that he didn’t know what his cholesterol was, «because the great likelihood is that knowing my cholesterol numbers would not lead to me having a different view on my health or have any bearing on how I live my life» (see). Most of my co-workers laughed at the opinion, saying «that’s right, who cares if you were dying».

One of those co-workers takes statins and antihypertensives, and of course he bases his diet on carbs. Can you imagine a greater ignorance than eating that way, taking medication to mitigate the effects of that diet, and laughing at the opinion of a physician who knows how to eat healthily? Though, he is an innocent victim of the lies that we have been told about cholesterol, fat and what a healthy diet is.

The question I would ask to the cardiologist is, what is better for improving your cardiovascular risk, dangerous drugs such as statins, or a low-carb diet? And I am quite sure that this cardiologist has no idea about the answer to that question, because otherwise people wouldn’t be medicated, but on a diet (unless your GP is one of those physicians who are on the payroll of the Big Pharma, of course).

A couple of days ago, Ivor Cummins published on his blog the lab results of an acquaintance of his, who discontinued taking statins and moved to a low-carb diet. At the baseline he had a TG/HDL ratio of 10. Very scary. Statins lowered this ratio to 5, which is still very high. He dropped out statins, moved to low-carb dieting and after a few months his TG/HDL ratio is 1.8. Better results than those achieved with statins, without any side effects. No surprise, really.

It may be better «statins and low-carb diet» than only «statins» (see). But I am convinced that the low-carb diet without statins would be much better for one’s health.

If your cholesterol is high, you have an increased risk of being prescribed statins.

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